Repugnance the sadistic deviousness...

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When they finally find what's left of your butchered remains
A fear consumes the minds of those who witness my brutality
Defiled and stripped of flesh, discarded piece of trash
Your body evidence of unimaginable suffering
Obscene, deformed, decayed, flies swarm
Your screams were captivating
As I torture for my own sadistic carnal pleasure
Perverse fascination
She lies face down, hands are bound, shackled to the floor
Gore, into her rectum, thrusting veiner blows, cum into her bowels
Sickened by her stench, reeks of blood and shit
Repulsive disfigurement, detach the skin from your face
Leaving you anonymous, catastrophe masterpiece
Puncture vaginal lips, sinking in the hooks tensioning the spread
Gaping wide open I rub my bloody shit glazed cock on your face
Lubricating my phallus with your tears
I cannot begin to describe my anticipation of
Beating the fuck out of your worthless stank-ass hole!
Rip out the hooks when I cum
Once I've had enough of toying with your mangled body
And all signs of life have dissipated from your eyes
I collect what I've been lusting after, and strip you of your skin

Repugnance The Sadistic Deviousness...Repugnance The Sadistic Deviousness...Repugnance The Sadistic Deviousness...Repugnance The Sadistic Deviousness...